Cap 53

pl-128On 22 April, 1970, EC-47 aircraft, tail number 43-48402, call-sign CAP 53, out of Pleiku, with eight crewmembers on board, was hit by anti-aircraft fire (presumably 37MM anti-aircraft fire) while flying a combat mission in eastern Laos.

The Navigator was wounded by shrapnel from the explosion. The Pilot turned the aircraft on an easterly heading toward friendlier territory, but control problems prevented his success. The aircraft crashed near A Loui Airfield in South Vietnam.

The Pilot (1st Lt. George M. Wall) and one Radio Operator (Michael R. Conner) were killed in the crash.

The remaining crewmembers, although wounded, survived the crash and were rescued by helicopter. In order to assure destruction of the classified equipment on board, an EOD team policed the area and destroyed scattered components and the aircraft. Additionally, six Tactical Air sorties were flown on the crash site to destroy the aircraft and any sensitive equipment still aboard the aircraft.


6994th Security Squadron

  • SSgt Michael R. Conner – Radio Operator- killed
  • Sgt Phil Ehrhorn – Radio Operator
  • Sgt Danny E. Russell – Radio Operator
  • Sgt Ron Lawlor – Radio Operator

361st Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron

  • 1st Lt. George M. Wall – Pilot – killed
  • 1st Lt. “Nasty” Nasipak – Co-pilot
  • Capt. Carl Lemon – Navigator
  • SSgt Edward J. Mosely – Flight Engineer