DaNang AB was located outside of Danang City, along the northern coast of the Republic of Vietnam. Detachment 2 of the 6994th SS moved to DaNang from Pleiku on 1 June 1970 under the command of Major Eldred E Blackwell (June 1970-71)  and operated from there until 28 February 1973 when it was deactivated. When the detachment was deactivated, the personnel were transferred to either the headquarters unit at NKP RTAFB or Detachment 3 which had moved from NKP to Ubon RTAFB on 1December 1972.
Detachment members spent their off-duty hours in a variety of places including the squadron recreation area known as the Party Barn & Patio where they could participate in activities such as basketball, horseshoes, the occasional pinochle or poker game, all while enjoying a cocktail at their indoor bar or out on the patio.
Fortunately, the Detachment did not suffer any human casualties, but several aircraft were destroyed by enemy rockets, and one rocket landed in the Detachment compound, but fortunately did not explode.