Thank You from Ray Leftwich Jr.

Thank you from Ray Leftwich Jr:

To: The Members of the 6994th Security Squadron

From: Raymond Jerome Leftwich,

son of TSGT Raymond Francis Leftwich

Gentlemen and Ladies,

I wish to thank WOW, how do you thank the men and women who did so much for the Leftwich family and continue to this day!  Y’all continue to make my heart soar and my eyes fill with tears every time y’all go do yet another act in my dad’s name.

Since the day the Goodfellow Base Commander and the Base Chaplain showed up at our door and gave us ‘THE NEWS,” the 6994th has taken and made the Leftwich family part of your own.

I have been told there were buildings in that country, I still have problems saying today, parks and buildings with his name where I was born in Japan, in Kelly AFB and Goodfellow AFB with his name on them.  Y’all were instrumental in making a shadow box for his medals, you made sure we got to all ceremonies (and this was a mother with children ranging from 10 to 2, a handful indeed).  You all made sure we were taken care of.

Today, at Offut AFB, the youngest Leftwich daughter Peggy Leftwich Ryan is in the process of putting the Leftwich display into their museum for permanent display.

Also because of the 6994th, there is a scholarship program at ANGELO STATE UNIVERSITY in San Angelo.

I wish I could be here today but unfortunately today would have been my wife Kitty and my 45 anniversary but I need to say my final goodbye’s.  Kitty and I started the scholarship program together and without the help of a few very close 6994th friends, (God bless you and your families), this scholarship program would have stopped.

God continues to Bless me with Angels today and they are the men and women and families of the 6994th!  This is one family I definitely want to see in Heaven!  WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A HUGE PARTY AND THE FIRST ROUND IS ON DAD!!!  Thank you.


Vietnam War Commemoration Ceremony – GAFB

The second annual Vietnam War Commemoration Ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday morning, March 29th at 1100 AM at the Weyandt-Eddy Memorial Plaza. The full event flyer is featured on the vietnam50thcpp.com Homepage. 

Full details about registering for easy access to Goodfellow AFB (if needed), available downtown lodging with hospitality suite, free Tuesday evening reception, Wednesday morning ceremony and plaza visitation, and Wednesday evening reception and dinner are included on the RSVP/Reservations page. Please check it out and submit your online or mail-in reservation no later than 17 March 2023. 

This will be a special ceremony to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Operation Homecoming and the return of Vietnam War Prisoners of War. We will also note the exodus of American forces from Vietnam, including the final EC-47 (362nd TEWS & Det 2, 6994th Scty Sq) mission(s) flown from Vietnam (DaNang) on/about 17 February 1973. Please notify Richard Graham at [email protected] or Joe Martin at [email protected] if you flew this mission or have documents and/or pictures supporting this ARDF milestone. Whatever is available will be put on display in the Clarion Hotel Hospitality Suite.


Danny Russell Shootdown 51st Anniversary

April 22, 2021 marks the 51st Anniversary of Danny Russell being shot down twice in one day, first in his EC-47 and then again in the rescue helicopter.


Take a moment to send him a note to wish him well, he is at [email protected].  He is currently in a VA hospital in IL.  I’m sure he’ll appreciate your thinking of him.



Fallen Eagle – Dale R. Julien

Dale’s wife Barbara notified us that Dale R. Julien passed away of AO complications on 25 JAN 2020.  No other details were provided.  RIP


Fallen Eagle – James D. Elsberger

Janice Elsberger sadly informed us that her brother, James D. Elsberger passed away of cancer on 17 FEB 2020.  He will be interred in the Cemetery of the Alleghenies.  No further details available.  RIP.


Fallen Eagle – Duane W. Larkin

Regretfully, Bob Hull and Ed Bendinelli report that Duane W. Larkin passed away on 8 February 2020 of AO related Parkinson’s Disease.  He will be interred at Ft. Sam Houston Cemetery.  No further details are available at this time.


Paver Ceremony Registration

For those of you planning to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony and other festivities during the Vietnam Veterans Day weekend ceremonies at Goodfellow.  To register for the events, please follow the link below and complete the forms.


The revised RSVP form has been checked out and is operating as
designed.  The base visitor control office  pledged
maximum support to ensure all visitors are quickly processed
through the base entry control.

This link is already posted on www.ec47.com.  Joe Martin and Tom Nurre
will maintain the master listing.  


EC-47 Memorial Pavers for KIAs

As most of you probably know, a Plaza with about 1,000 pavers and bronze plate inserts is being constructed at the EC-47 Memorial Display at Goodfellow AFB.  A proposal has been made to purchase a block of 4×8 pavers for our Fallen Eagles.  The plan is to acquire a total of 38 pavers for all the crewmembers killed.  2 pavers will be used for ‘introduction of the USAFSS and TEWS crews” and then the individual pavers will be grouped by crews.  Below is a diagram of the placement of the KIA pavers (highlighted in yellow).

A special bronze plate has been tentatively designed for each of the KIA pavers.  It will be approximately the size of the velcro name patch we wore on our flight suits.   A couple proposals for engravings are below.  

Whatever format is selected, all 36 KIA paver plaques will be engraved identically.

With your tacit approval, I plan to send $850 of the reunion raffle funds to pay for the pavers for the 6994th fallen eagles.  For those of you that do not attend our reunions, but would like to contribute to this endeaver, contributions gratefully accepted.

Please send checks made out to the 6994th Security Squadron to:

Rick Yeh  2709 Briggs Road   Silver Spring, MD  20906-3722

As the pavers are acquired, buyers are supposed to receive e-mail with photos of the pavers they acquired, both for themselves and in honor of another crewman.  I plan to start a webpage formatted similar to the Rogues Gallery to show off these pavers.  Therefore, when you receive your photo, please forward to me, along with the paver number so  I can post the photos on the site.  I also plan to post some grid maps similar to the KIA grid map to make it easier to find the different pavers once the project is completed.  Again, your help is needed to get a jump on this effort by sending me your paver number and size once you order your paver.  That way I can get your paver photo ready to insert in the formatted mat once the actual photo arrives.

I appreciate your help!!




Fallen Eagle – Bob Thomas

Sadly,  Charlie Phippin notified us that Bob Thomas passed away around 10PM, 24 Dec 2019 after a long illness.  No further information is available at this time.  RIP Bob.