Prong 33

On 8 October, 1969, EC-47P tail number 43-49100, call-sign PRONG 33, was on a radio direction finding mission out of Phu Cat Air Base.

After returning to base to have an inoperable navigational instrument fixed, the aircraft launched into marginal weather. Upon arrival in its operating area, the pilot in command determined that the weather conditions were unsafe and turned back toward Phu Cat.

Prong 33 was given a radar-controlled approach to Phu Cat, but as the aircraft approached the airfield, the crew reported an inverter fire and loss of directional and attitude instruments. Shortly after that call, radio and radar contact with Prong 33 was lost.

Bad weather hampered search and rescue operations and the wreckage was not located until four days later, 12 October 1969. Six Crewmembers died in the crash:


 6994th Security Squadron

 361st Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron

  • 1st Lt Ronald H. Knight – Pilot
  • 1st Lt Max E. Rosen – Co-Pilot
  • Capt Bradley R. Ransom – Navigator
  • TSgt Sylvester W. Redman – Flight Engineer