2024 6994th/94IS Heritage Day

The 94IS is planning to revive its Heritage Day program this year in a 2 day event from 20-21 May 2024.  On the 20th, briefings in the 94IS OPS building are planned, followed by a picnic/BBQ at the Burba Lake Cottage on Ft. Meade.  In the event there are too may attendees for the facility to handle, all activities will be at the Burba Lake Cottage.  On the 21st, a wreath laying ceremony at the Baron52 gravesite at Arlington Cemetery is being planned.  Van or bus transportation to the ceremony is being planned.

The following 6994th vets have expressed an interest in attending the events:

Jerry Baker, Mike Caflin, Dale Carruth, Lee Chilcoat, Don Collum, Owen Costello, John Fitzpatrick, Harry Frye, Joe Giammichele, Harvey Goldstein, Robert Greene, Roland Kearley, Jack Kimmich, Joe Martin, Dave Masson, Rich Miklaucic, Doug Milton, Curtis Parker, Budde Reede, Dallas Ward, Bob Washburn, Rick Yeh , Archie McLaughlin, Earle Greene, Paul Amato, Rich Renkas, Charlie Phippin, Ray Ivey, Dave Brittingham.

If you have any interest in attending, please send an e-mail to Rick Yeh at [email protected] to receive updates on the schedule and/or information needed to clear security at Ft. Meade if the meetings at the 94IS OPS building occur.