2023 Reunion Announcement

6994th Reunion 2023

Plans for the 2023 Reunion are in the process of being finalized.  We will be in the Washington DC area by the Dulles International Airport at the Westin Hotel.  The tentative dates will be 24-26 August 2023. As usual, we are negotiating for the reunion rates to be available for 3 days before and after the reunion, space available for those of you that want to do some extra sight-seeing.


There are many attractions in the DC area, and the Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum is a short, free shuttle bus ride from the hotel, and of course admission to the museum is also free.  Metro rail service to downtown DC is also a short shuttle bus ride to the new Silver Line extension.  Special all day fare cards are available for unlimited trips during the duration of the fare cards contract.


As many of you know Cory and Lisa Hayward have been working for the past 4 years on a documentary of the importance and value of attending reunions.  Many of you have participated in the video interviews that have been made.  Cory & Lisa hope to conclude their efforts and show the results of their work at this year’s reunion, and they want to make sure that anyone that has not yet provided their input (or wants to add to their interview) has a chance to participate in the project.  A preview of their project can be seen on the 6994th website under the Video dropdown tab, and is titled ‘No Longer Alone’.


If you wish to provide new material or add to your already collected input, you must contact Cory by NLT 29 Jan 2023.


To that end, Cory is available to collect your input via telephone call, e-mail note, or even possibly a Zoom teleconference.  For those of you that might want to create a selfie-video on your cell phones and send them to her, I’m sure she’d be glad to accept them.


Cory’s contact information is:

e-mail: [email protected]

cell phone: (615) 406-0386