Epic Ride

– Created During the 6994th Reunion, 6 September, 2019, at “Welcome to 1979” Recording Studio, Nashville, TN.


Epic Ride:

A Tribute To The 6994th

Music & Orchestration by: Cory Hayward

Lyrics by: Cory & Lisa Hayward

& the Members of the 6994th


PART I: “Crazy Ride”

[Ditty Bop, Ditty Bop]

We Gotta Get Outta This Place

No matter what it takes

[“Tan Son Nhut“]

We do what we’re told

We know what’s at stake

[“Hue Phu Bai”]

But thoughts of home are never more than a letter away

Oh, yeah


We Gotta Get Outta This Place

In just one piece

[“Nha Trang”]

The Back-Ender’s mission is to listen carefully


Heat, cold, and exhaustion are just ways of life



We think that life’s got us beat

That we’re all alone

Our hearts turned to stone

But when we see buddies by our sides

We pull ourselves up and get back on this crazy ride


We Gotta Get Outta This Place

No matter what it takes

[ “Nakhon Phanom, Royal Thai AFB”]

We feel bulletproof

We bend but won’t break

[“Phu Cat”]

At least we feel that way 23 hours a day

Oh, yeah


We Gotta Get Outta This Place

In just one piece

[“Da Nang”]

We party hard, maybe just one more drink

[“Ubon, Thailand”]

Gambling, joking, talking with the guys

Drinking, laughing, chatting with my friends


PART II: “Awesome Ride”

Many hold these ghosts of war in Holy Silence

Carry them to the grave, finding dignity in sorrow

There were no crowds cheering

On the days that we returned

Even though we sacrificed everything for freedom


Unarmed, Alone, and Unafraid

I don’t wanna forget these times

Pride in accomplishments, secret memories

Officially denied

Brothers by my side

An amazing ride


[“Raymond F. Leftwich * Charles D. Land * Daniel C. Reese

Frederick T. Sebers * Louis J. Clever * James V. Dorsey

Hugh L. Sherburn * Rodney H. Gott * Clarence L. McNeill

Elmore L. Hall * Michael L. Stiglich * Michael R. Conner

John W. Ryon * Todd M. Melton * Joseph A Matejov

Peter R. Cressman * Dale Brandenburg”]


Unarmed, Alone, and Unafraid

Would we do it all again?

Aftermath of missions, never learned

Broken steps to normal life

Keeping it inside

An amazing ride


Finding our way home

No longer alone

On this amazing ride


PART III: “The Ride Continues

I can hardly remember my life without you

So far from home

So lonely

I never said, but you knew


Everything was different

My head spinning around

When I stopped to look

Your hand was out

Like you were waiting just for me


You’re my inspiration

When days seem long

When I think of you

I remember my hopes and my dreams

When I’m lost and wandering

You help me find my way

Where would I be?

Tell me, where would I be?

I just wouldn’t be without you


The moment I lost you

It broke my heart

Every word you said went straight

From your head to my heart

You never tried to misguide me

You always knew what was inside of me

And times they change

But just not you and me


Copyright (c) 2019 Rich & Cindy Krejsa