Site Updates – 14 March 2020


TSN-1114 – new

Honor Roll:

Wingfield, Charles N – ‘Chuck’ – new info

Brock, Louis J. – new info

Erskine, William M. ‘Mike’ – new info

Myatt, Gary B. – new address info only

White, Oliver – updated info

Heying, Leon F. – new e-mail

Our Losses:

Aylett, Stephen E.

Grabski, Thomas J.

Larkin, Duane W.

Nabb, David J.

Elsleger, James D.

Julian, Dale R.


Information concerning Special Unit Citations earned by the Squadron (Mission section of the home page History) – including copies of the special orders.

Paver Dedication Ceremony at Goodfellow AFB cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.  To be rescheduled at later date.