Site Updates 28 March 2017

Upcoming Events

Reunion 2017

Added to Confirmed List:

Richard and Sandra Burda

Tom and Josephine Grabski

John, Susan, Chris, Victoria, and Collin Lauser

Troy Powell and Jill Thorne

Roger and B.J. Sigworth



Site Updates 23 December 2016


TSN-1053 – new

Rogues Gallery

Line, James R

Honor Roll:

Brewer, Richard E. – updated info

Hance, Gary S. – updated info

Our Losses:

Lovett, Robert L.

Wray Sr., William L.


Site Updates 4 October 2016

Reunion 2016 photos now posted


Rogues Gallery:


aylett, steve

burns, tom

erwyn, ron

hutchinson, john

lewis, ken

little maurice

jackson, mj

maddox, pat


bock, charles

dugal, gene

fontanna, ted

gibson, larry

johnson, orville

johnson, roy

loiselle, gordon

reynolds, jj

simmons, bill

soetart, mike

Det photos:

PC-233 thru PC-342 – new

DNG-626-630 – new

UB 204 thru UB-225 – new

NT-812 thru NT-817 – new

NKP- 812 thru NKP-817 – new

NKP-668-670, 672,678, 680-686, 688, 690 revised


Our Losses:

Sprague, Richard L.

Loiselle, Gordon W.


Honor Roll:

Gendolfe, Ken – info updated

Erickson, Steven M. – new name

Haddock, William B – new name

Hentz Sr., John H.- new name

Pierce, Frank J. – new name

Magee, Arthur S. – new name


Site Updates 4 August 2016

Upcoming Events

Reunion 2016

Added to confirmed list:

Alvis Bagwell

Ed and Kathie Bendinelli

Paul and Claire Brady

Ray Jr. and Kitty Leftwich

Dan and Pat Loomis

William and Thuy-Nga Nibblett

Larry Ross

Danny Russell

Ben and Susan Stewart


Site Updates 1 August 2016

Upcoming Events

Reunion 2016

Added to confirmed list:

Bobby Billups

“Skeeter” Dickerson

Ted Dietz

Paul and Ann Grisham

Karl and Krong Hammerle

Stan Harris

Tom Holt

Larry and Genevieve Leard

Tom and Kitty Nurre and guests

Frank San Nicolas and Jeffery Dededog

Ron Whiteside

Ernie and Maureen Woods


Site Updates 26 July 2016

Upcoming Events

Reunion 2016

Added to confirmed list:

Dave and Nancy Abel

Tommy Guy

Chuck and Evelyn MacFarlane

Ron McKee and Carol Wolfe

Reminder – Reunion registration requested by 31 July 2016.