Site Updates – 13 December 2021

Just in case you haven’t been notified, the Official Dedication Ceremony of the Weyandt-Eddy Memorial Paver Plaza at Goodfellow AFB is scheduled for 25 March 2021 at 1100 hrs.  Requests for base access are due by 9 March 2022 for non DOD ID holders.  RSVP forms and details of the events for the day are on the EC-47 website-  There is a list of ARDF vets (both front and back enders) that are already registered to attend on the site.  There will be a free reception immediately following the dedication ceremony and a free Texican dinner on Friday night.  There will also be a BYO hospitality room at the Courtyard Marriott for  attendees.  Let’s get as many USAFSS vets there, even if you did not acquire a paver.  If you just haven’t gotten around to ordering a paver, it’s not too late.  Additional details are on the EC-47 website.



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