Reunion Documentary

If you have ever attended a 6994th and/or an EC-47 Association reunion, this is for you.

Those of you that attended our 2019 reunion here, just outside of Nashville, and took part in the Recording Studio session may remember Cory and Lisa, the songwriters that composed 3 songs for our squadron and ran most of the recording session. If you were not able to take part in the recording session, play the video on our website at this link:

They are at it again and need your input. They want to do a documentary about the 6994th and our reunions. As we age and our group becomes smaller, they (and we) feel that it is important to make a record for ourselves and our posterity so that the people and story of the 6994th Security Squadron continues after we are gone.

What they are asking for is this:

Create a short video answering any/all/none of the questions below, or just talk about your feelings relating to the reunions.


Write down your remembrances of any reunions you have attended.

Send them to Rich Krejsa at who will forward them to Cory and Lisa.

For those of you that are attending the reunion this year, Cory and Lisa will be there and you can video your thoughts while you are there.

Also, concerning those songs that we recorded in Nashville, Cory was not pleased with how two of them turned out. As a result, she is going to re-master them during our reunion this year. If you are on the original recording but would like to add your voice to another part of the song (such as reciting the names of our KIAs) or, if you were not there but want to add your voice to the recording, this is your chance.

They are planning on having the songs remastered and handed out at the banquet on Saturday night, but the documentary will take a little longer and will be distributed at a later date.

I hope you will take part in this important event.

With that in mind, here is what they have sent me to distribute.

Never Alone Again:

The Story of the 6994th Reunion

NOTE: Feel free to answer any/all/or none of these questions. Also feel free to add any information or stories that you care to add. This is an attempt to document and preserve information so that others may more fully understand the importance of the 6994th and its annual reunions. The 6994th was “Unarmed, Alone, & Unafraid”, but its vets and guests need never be alone again!


  • Are there memories from your time in the 6994th that you would like to share?
  • What were your feelings when you first got to Vietnam?
  • What was the scariest / saddest / “Oh Shit” moment?
  • What was the funniest moment?
  • How do you feel your time in the 6994th has affected your life?
  • When was the first time you went to a reunion and how many reunions have you attended so far?
  • What are some of your favorite reunion memories?
  • How do you feel the reunions have affected your life?
  • Do you keep in touch now with people you have met or reconnected with through the reunions?


  • When did you first attend a reunion of the 6994th and why?
  • What are some of your favorite reunion memories?
  • How do you feel the reunions have affected your life?
  • Do you keep in touch now with people you have met through the reunions?