6994th Challenge Coin.

(Designed by Bob and Shirley Hull and Rick Yeh). Head depicts Gooney over SEA and Tail

shows one star for each of our KIA Comrades.

COST: $12.50 (includes shipping, handling, and Lucite case).

To order, send e-mail to OR
call Bob Hull at (740) 924-5261

 Challenge Coin Tail (560 x 600) Challenge Coin Head (560 x 600)








EC-47 ARDF History Exhibit Challenge Coin

To commemorate the completion and opening of the EC-47 ARDF History Exhibit on Goodfellow AFB, Texas, the Heritage Chapter is offering specially designed challenge coins. Each coin comes in an individual plastic pouch with colorful information card. Coin diameter is 1.75 inches.






                                                                             Costs: Each coin is $10 plus postage.

Coins will be mailed First Class in bubble envelopes, maximum 5 coins per envelope. Here are the approximate mailing costs:

1 Coin Postage – $2.32 2 Coins Postage – $2.66 3 Coins Postage – $2.86 4 Coins Postage – $3.04 5 Coins Postage – $3.40

Sample order for 1 coin: $10 + $2.32 = $12.32 payment due.    

     ”          ”     5 coins: $50 + $3.40 = $53.40 payment due

Postal insurance up to a $50 value may be purchased for an additional $2.10. This cost is the same for all packages (1-5 coins). Include the extra $2.10 and request the insurance be added when you place your order.

Send full payment (check or money order) made out to FTVA-Heritage Chapter along with your complete return mailing address. Your order will be filled promptly.

FTVA – Heritage Chapter

EC-47 ARDF History Exhibit Coins

P. O. Box 2469

San Angelo, TX 76902

For further information please contact the Heritage Chapter Secretary via email: LRC@VERIZON.NET

Coins will also be available for purchase at:

6994th SS reunion in Seattle, WA on 4-6 September 2014

FTVA picnic and meeting in San Antonio, TX on 25-27 September 2014