TSGT Hugh Sherburn Celebration of Life Ceremony

TSGT Hugh L. Sherburn CAP72

On 5 February 1969, ten USAF crewmembers were killed when their EC-47 was shot down by enemy fire in Southern Laos.  One of the five USAFSS crewmembers on board was TSgt Hugh L. Sherburn. Thanks to the efforts of Maximum Recovery in South East Asia (MRSEA), 7 of the 10 crewmembers have been identified through DNA analysis.

The family of Hugh Sherburn have a Celebration of Life service planned for 25 July 2015 in Waldport, Oregon.  Hugh’s niece, Deanna Gray, is interested in knowing if anyone her Uncle ‘Buzz’ served with may remember the kind of music he liked.  If you remember the music he liked or his favorite music entertainers, please contact Jane Doolittle at janedoo1954@yahoo.com  so she can let Deanna know.

TSgt Hugh ‘Buzz’ Sherburn’s funeral will be held on 25 July 2015 near Waldport, Oregon at Adler Grove Cemetery.  TSgt Sherburn’s remains will arrive by plane at the Portland Airport on 24 July, then will be escorted by the Patriot Guard Riders to Newport. The following day, 25 July, there will be a procession from Newport, escorted by the Patriot Guard Riders, to Waldport to the football field where the Celebration of Life service will take place. Following the service, then on to the cemetery.

Please contact Jane Doolittle at janedoo1954@yahoo.com for details.