Ailing Crewmember – Lars Ritola

Judy reports that Lars’ condition has deteriorated and his cancer has now filled his lungs and his doctors have classified his condition as terminal.  Please keep him & Judy in your Thoughts & Prayers.


Ailing Crewmember – Ross Vizza

A member of 6994, Det 1, Rosario (Ross) Vizza, is very ill. His daughter let me know that he has aggressive lymphoma and alzheimers.
Ross did his first stint as a 292×1 with the 6922nd Security Squadron, Charlie Flight, at Clark AFB, RPI. He then went to Viet Nam where he was assigned to 6994, Det 1 at Nha Trang and later Phu Cat (1969-1970). He received four Air Medals and the DFC. Like many of us he finished up at Kelly AFB, San Antonio working at Medina.
I spoke with his family and they said it would be OK to pass this information along.
If anyone wants to send anything to the family they may send it to Bobbie Vizza,
9231 South Sacramento Ave., Evergreen Park, IL 60642.
Ross’s home email is vzz10@comcast.net.
An alternate may be his daughter’s email vizza15@yahoo.com.

.Marsby Warters


Ailing Crewmember – Bob Nebe

 I am writing to let the group know Bob Nebe is extremely ill.  Many Surgery’s since 2016, a very serious heart condition, quite a few extensive stays at Hines VA Hospital in Maywood, IL . He is currently recovery from his most recent surgery and on dialysis 3 times a week.  Bob was looking forward to this year’s reunion but had to cancel for obvious health reason. He is scheduled for surgery week of 6/18/2018 and is waiting for a kidney transplant.  Please advise squadron and send well wishes to Bob and his family.  nebebob@yahoo.com

Larry Tincher


Jim McGee News

Dear family and friends,

Thanks so much for the kind birthday wishes. They make my day all so wonderful.
A year ago, I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure – my kidneys had stopped working. In dialysis since last June, I am awaiting a kidney transplant from a deceased donor (along with 94,000 others in the U.S.) Dialysis keeps me feeling well on most days, but the long term prospects of my living the four to five years until a deceased donor can be identified diminish with each passing day.
My physicians tell me that my best chance for survival is to find a living donor as soon as possible. Several friends and relatives have stepped forward to volunteer; so far, none have been a match.
After 40 years of public service and giving, I am now asking for help with the most challenging issue of my life. If you or someone you know are willing to consider volunteering a kidney and have O positive or O negative blood type, please contact me @jdmcgee49@gamil.com or go to:

Living kidney donor program at Tampa General Hospital;
Georgetown University


(855) 204-6516Thanks for your continuing thoughts and prayers.



A Memory from Danny Russell

on 22 April 1970 Cap 53 was lost

                                  Mike Conner was lost

30 Days later on 22 May 1970 Mike Jr. was born

He Never Saw His Daddy

Danny Russell


Thank You from Frank Falkowski

Dear 94th Members,

On Friday the 27th of April my wife and I met with our cancer team at Roswell Cancer Center to evaluate my past 7 months of chemo and to review the latest cat scan. I was told that the results showed that I was cancer free.  Elation does not describe the feelings we shared and the experience of this challenge.

I want this unit to know how much I appreciated your emails, cards, and texts during this time.  Your prayers and the courage of Stan Long who also suffered and was taken from us with soft cell lung carcinoma has been and will always be an inspiration to my wife and I. 

We look forward to our Kentucky reunion and sharing our many blessings with you. 

Being a part of this unit is and will continue to be a very special part of my life. 

See ya in August.  Frank and Christine Falkowski.


Ailing Squadron Spouse

Frank Falkowski reports that Greg Shake’s wife will be undergoing major heart surgery on 9 January 2017.  Our wishes for a successful procedure and rapid recovery!