Site Updates – 11 November 2020

Happy Veterans Day!



Photo of Mike Stiglich’s headstone marker in KIA write-ups section


New album of Goodfellow Pavers received to date.  Under Media/photos/Dedications/Goodfellow Pavers tabs



Site Updates – 17 August 2020


PC-362-364 – new

NT-828- new


Rogues Gallery

Eugene Bailey – updated

David Bush – New

Dale Julien – New


Honor Roll:

John Townsend – updated info


Site Updates – 30 July 2020

Updated pages for ALL of our KIAs:

TSgt. Raymond Leftwich

A1C Charles Land

A1C Daniel Reese

TSgt. Frederick Sebers

TSgt. Louis Clever

SSgt. James Dorsey

TSgt. Hugh Sherburn

SSgt. Rodney Gott

Sgt. Clarence McNeill

SSgt. Elmore Hall

Sgt. Michael Stiglich

SSgt. Michael Conner

MSgt. John Ryon

SSgt. Todd Melton

Sgt. Joseph Matejov

Sgt. Peter Cressman

Sgt. Dale Brandenburg




Site Updates – 14 July 2020


TSN-742, 1172, 1203 – IDs Added

Rogues Gallery:

Lazarin, Rogerio – updated photo

Honor Roll:

Barnett, Michael D. – email update

Lamb, James W. – updated address

Yohe, Cliff W. – new info

Our Losses:

Cooley, LC – 20 DEC 2019

Thomas, Robert N. – 24 DEC 2019

Grabski, Thomas J. – 15 JAN 2020

Naab, David J. – 5 FEB 2020


Site Updates – 3 June 2020


TSN-1215 thru TSN-1217 – new

NKP-741 – new

NT-834 thru NT-837 new

PC-014 – ID added


Rogues Gallery:

Roerick, Larry L.

Langdon, Darrel


Our Losses:

Graham, William D.

Kihorany, Scott W.

Blackwell II, Paul G.

Bruce, Arvel G.