Site Updates – 18 November 2017

Rogues Gallery:

Brock, Louis – new



DNG-140 – ID added

NKP-243 – IDs updated

PL-911 – new

NKP-726 – new


Honor Roll:

Ashcraft, James A. – updated info

Hamernik, Lon – updated info

Morin, Larry – updated info

Pirkle, Al Q – updated info


Our Losses:

Pirkle, Al Q – added


Hall of Honor:

Greene, Jesse L. – added



Site Updates 8 October 2017

Updated Upcoming Events / Reunion 2018 based upon the following votes:

We had 98 people respond with a total of 102 votes (see below).

If someone said that either Louisville or Dayton was fine, I recorded one vote for each (hence more votes than people).

If someone responded with a list (more than one) of other cities, I just recorded their first city thinking that that was the one they favored.

Here are the results:

Louisville – 46

Dayton – 28

Nashville – 6

Two votes each (in no particular order) for:

Las Vegas 


Oklahoma City


And one each (in no particular order) for:





Dearborn, MI

San Antonio

Colorado Springs

Lebanon, KS


St. Louis

Columbus, OH

Ft. Belvoir, VA


Washington DC


Thank you for all that voted.

The Reunion Planning Committee,

Rich Krejsa, Bob Hull, Tom Pedersen


Site Updates 6 October 2017


UB-226 – UB-237-new

Rogues Gallery:

Haddock, Dee – new

Duncan, James – new


Honor Roll:

Lamb, James W. – new info

Haddock, Dee – New info

Wetherington, Larry – updated


Reunion 2016 & 2017-

added Commemorative Pinning after action reports


Site Updates 3 October 2017

For those that did not receive an email concerning our 2018 reunion, please see the Upcoming Events / Reunion 2018 page for a copy of the email.


Site Updates 7 September 2017

2017 Reunion photos now in reunion section


Honor Roll:

Halunen, Doug – updated

McCumber, George, updated


Our Losses:

Luttrell, Donald



TSN-1063 – 1101 – new

PC-345 – 353 new

DNG-650 – new

PL 906-910 – new


Rogues Gallery:

collie, ron – new

glass, tom – updated

craig, john – updated

presley, nolan – new

graves, paul – updated

atkins, lonnie – new

durst, joe – new

lewis, ken – new

mcmaking, grover – updated

preslar, mike – updated

thomas, dave -new

kufel, alexander – new


Site Updates 25 July 2017

Honor Roll:

Ash, Bill – updated

Billups, Bobby – updated

Dawson, Ben – updated

Jackson, Jerry – Updated

Penn, David – new

San Nicolas, Frank – updated

Sinka, Rick – updated

Smith, Paul W. – updated

Swift, Roger – updated


Our Losses:

Murdock, Robert L.







Rogues Gallery:

Ash, Bill

Legleiter, James




Site Updates 16 July 2017

Upcoming Events

Reunion 2017

Added Bill Ash,

Anthony Bledsoe,

Darwin Bruce,

Owen Costello,

Ed and Cathy Flinchum,

John Rosenburg Jr.,

Larry and Diane Ross,

Added Cathy Conigliaro as Tracy Rogers guest to Confirmed List