Site Updates – 14 July 2020


TSN-742, 1172, 1203 – IDs Added

Rogues Gallery:

Lazarin, Rogerio – updated photo

Honor Roll:

Barnett, Michael D. – email update

Lamb, James W. – updated address

Yohe, Cliff W. – new info

Our Losses:

Cooley, LC – 20 DEC 2019

Thomas, Robert N. – 24 DEC 2019

Grabski, Thomas J. – 15 JAN 2020

Naab, David J. – 5 FEB 2020


Site Updates – 3 June 2020


TSN-1215 thru TSN-1217 – new

NKP-741 – new

NT-834 thru NT-837 new

PC-014 – ID added


Rogues Gallery:

Roerick, Larry L.

Langdon, Darrel


Our Losses:

Graham, William D.

Kihorany, Scott W.

Blackwell II, Paul G.

Bruce, Arvel G.


Site Updates – 14 March 2020


TSN-1114 – new

Honor Roll:

Wingfield, Charles N – ‘Chuck’ – new info

Brock, Louis J. – new info

Erskine, William M. ‘Mike’ – new info

Myatt, Gary B. – new address info only

White, Oliver – updated info

Heying, Leon F. – new e-mail

Our Losses:

Aylett, Stephen E.

Grabski, Thomas J.

Larkin, Duane W.

Nabb, David J.

Elsleger, James D.

Julian, Dale R.


Information concerning Special Unit Citations earned by the Squadron (Mission section of the home page History) – including copies of the special orders.

Paver Dedication Ceremony at Goodfellow AFB cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.  To be rescheduled at later date.


Fallen Eagle – Dale R. Julien

Dale’s wife Barbara notified us that Dale R. Julien passed away of AO complications on 25 JAN 2020.  No other details were provided.  RIP


Fallen Eagle – James D. Elsberger

Janice Elsberger sadly informed us that her brother, James D. Elsberger passed away of cancer on 17 FEB 2020.  He will be interred in the Cemetery of the Alleghenies.  No further details available.  RIP.


Fallen Eagle – Duane W. Larkin

Regretfully, Bob Hull and Ed Bendinelli report that Duane W. Larkin passed away on 8 February 2020 of AO related Parkinson’s Disease.  He will be interred at Ft. Sam Houston Cemetery.  No further details are available at this time.


Paver Ceremony Registration

For those of you planning to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony and other festivities during the Vietnam Veterans Day weekend ceremonies at Goodfellow.  To register for the events, please follow the link below and complete the forms.


The revised RSVP form has been checked out and is operating as
designed.  The base visitor control office  pledged
maximum support to ensure all visitors are quickly processed
through the base entry control.

This link is already posted on www.ec47.com.  Joe Martin and Tom Nurre
will maintain the master listing.